October 23, 2007 (London, England) – Fabulous Masterpieces, the prime source of top, museum-quality hand-painted reproductions of famous paintings and classic masterpieces, recently announced the launch of their new, bigger and better website, www.fabulousmasterpieces.co.uk

The popular United Kingdom-based boutique art company continues to offer the unique chance to purchase impressive art reproductions of the works of renowned artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Vincent Van Gogh, Pierre Renoir and Claude Monet. Buyers who are in the market for either Christmas gifts or display items for the office or home can buy items at the highly affordable rate of £107.

Among those showcased in the site include remarkable reproductions of Kandinsky’s “Houses in Munich,” Renoir’s “La Grenouillere,” Monet’s “Regatta at Argenteuill,” Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” and Da Vinci’s “La Dama Con L’Ermellino.”

Added features to the user-friendly website are the “Designer Art” section as well as the “Hot Paintings” section.

In the former, customers just need to send in photos of curtain material, tablecloths and bed linen etc, the pattern as well as design will then be used as the basis for a painting. Since every single tiny detail, no matter how intricate, will be captured and reproduced, the painting will for sure match the colour scheme in any given room. Designer art services can start from the very affordable price of only £60 with free delivery. Truly, a cost-efficient way to not only liven up a room but to showcase one’s discerning taste.

In the latter, on the other hand, buyers no longer need to contend with mere posters or prints of famous, million pound paintings. This is because Fabulous Masterpieces analyses the top most expensive pieces of art sold in auction houses worldwide and then compare these to their own fabulously affordable prices.

For instance, “Ansicht von Yalta” oil on cardboard by Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky, which sold for £822,506.14, can be bought for a mere £207 plus free delivery at Fabulous Masterpieces. Truly, waking up every single day surrounded by the likes of million pound paintings can be a source of inspiration and pride.

Satisfied customers have extended their praises for Fabulous Masterpieces. They say that they have become the envy of their friends and that their homes have that distinct “punch.” Customers also take pride in the fact that the pieces showcase their respective tastes and personalities.

Fabulous Masterpieces will only produce genuinely 100 percent hand-painted products made out of the finest oil paints and made on luxury linen canvases. The company is known for employing only highly skilled, proven and professional artists who have the eye for detail, content, texture, scale and style. Hence, customers are assured of quality, professional work.

The products will also be sent to customers in durable, secure tubes. Moreover, for a very minimal additional fee, the painting can already be pre-stretched and delivered to the customer in ready-to-be-hung form.

Fabulous Masterpieces is also very confident in the quality of their reproductions that they offer customers a risk free, full money back guarantee with no questions asked. This certainly proves not only the company’s credence but their dedication towards full customer satisfaction.

Given all these guarantees, customers can be assured that they only get their money’s worth as well as that invaluable, lifetime feeling of satisfaction and achievement when they purchase high quality art reproductions from Fabulous Masterpieces.

For further details about Fabulous Masterpieces cost-efficient and elegant products, visit www.fabulousmasterpieces.co.uk or send an email to info@fabulousmasterpieces.co.uk


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