October 25, 2007 – After a much-talked about special feature on television, popular website PimpMyWalk.com, a haven for C-Walk aficionados everywhere, continues to promote friendship, dance and camaraderie; and in the process, earning more registered members, fans and supporters as well as earning the moniker, “the website to definitely check out.”

The website has actually grown in leaps and bounds that it is now considered a highly reputable source of information on the C-Walk (also known as the Clown Walk). The website has even been cited in the Wikipedia page of the C-Walk (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clown_Walk).

“I’m really very proud of PimpMyWalk.com’s achievements. I’m happy that the website has helped a lot of people all around the globe,” says website founder and owner Neil Ramos.

“Hopefully, this is a way to help inspire kids out there. People may just regard the C-Walk as a dance but for us C-Walk practitioners, it’s a reminder that we really don’t need to resort to gang wars and violence just to have fun and gain more friends.”

PimpMyWalk.com advocates the C-Walk, which refers to a modern dance style. The C-Walk is a variation of the popular Crip walk dance, a steady movement of the feet used to spell out gang-related symbols and images. Clown walking, which was created to distance the relationship between the dance style and the Crips gang, is a form of dance that’s generally faster and more entertaining than Crip walking. The C-Walk has no gang relations and is meant to be done for fun, instead of being part of gang routines.

From a simple website that merely wanted to showcase the C-Walk and to help others who wanted to learn the fascinating skill, PimpMyWalk.com now has over 9,000 members (and counting!), tutorials via videos (beginner, transition and advanced) and a very busy, highly interactive forum where other C-Walkers can exchange ideas, offer and receive freebies, challenge others to a friendly C-Walk battle and meet fellow C-Walk fans all over the world.

Truly a great feat considering that the website was actually just conceived out of boredom.

“My friend taught me how to C-Walk one day and I got interested. I wanted to hone my skills further but couldn’t find any proper tutorials on the Internet so I just decided it was time that I start my own website where others can just come and learn all about the C-Walk,” says Ramos.

One of the favorite pages in PimpMyWalk.com is the video tutorials page. This is where visitors can learn how to C-Walk, hip hop dance, Spongebob, Melbourne Shuffle and Jumpstyle, among others.

With the website gaining more and more media exposure, PimpMyWalk.com will for sure be a haven not only of C-Walk aficionados but of a community that values friendship, dance, warmth, passion and camaraderie.

For more information about the C-Walk and of PimpMyWalk, visit www.pimpmywalk.com or send email to nramos9@gmail.com


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