October 22, 2007 (USA) – While most, if not all, businesses strive to please as many potential customers as possible, an online bumper sticker business is defying the norm in a big way – and in the process, winning not only more customers but respect and enthusiasm as well.

In fact, they stick to their beliefs so much that they don’t mind if they had to turn down large volumes of orders from conservative political groups.

“I don’t mind printing stickers that we have no opinion on – but when I strongly disagree with an opinion we won’t print it. We don’t want to be that mercenary. We may loose work that way, but at least we can sleep at night,” said owner Keith Bolan.

HumperBumper (www.humperbumper.com), which describes itself as a “small business which stands up for what they believe in,” is infamous for slogans like “Are You Sure You’re A Patriot? Cuz Saudi Arabia Loves Your Gas Guzzler” and “I support our troops – not the idiot who sent them there!” that convey liberal views.

While the slogans may not appeal to everyone, the joy of being able to run a business that highlights their patriotism is enough compensation, asserts Bolan.

“Occasionally you get hardline conservatives who take exception to you criticizing the Presidency of our country,” he said.

“However, I feel that America is built on the founding philosophy of Free Speech. To protest when you see the country you love being lead astray is the greatest form of patriotism. To criticize and try to stop someone exercising their right of free speech is directly in opposition of that which America is founded upon. The only non-patriot is the one trying to silence your free speech,” underscored Bolan.

The stickers fall under the following categories: peace/anti war, political, social commentary, funny, environmental, naughty, gay and lesbian, vegetarian/vegan, pagan/wiccan, pop culture and others. Among the bestsellers are “’Bring it on’ is not a foreign policy”, “Support our troops – impeach Bush,” “There’s nothing dumber than a Hummer,” and the witty “Dogs Come When Called, Cats Take A Message.”

The bumper stickers’ prices average from $2.99, and magnetic stickers from $4.25. They are all made to last. HumperBumper products do not fade, crack or peel. The secret to this is special and dedicated in-house printing – meaning there’s no third party. HumperBumper prints the products themselves and that spells high quality control.

HumperBumper also offers custom design creation. Such is ideal for businesses, clubs, and other types of groups. HumperBumper can design personalized stickers and these may be used for various purposes – from being parts of marketing collateral to fundraising activities. Attractive wholesale prices are offered, thereby giving interested parties the chance to raise lucrative profits without having to buy vast quantities.

An attractive affiliate program is also on hand. Associates can earn an easy 20 percent off each and every sale. Interested business associates can proceed to the website and access the affiliate program page.

For further details about HumperBumper’s fun and cost-efficient products, visit www.humperbumper.com or call 1 805 277 2001 or send an email to info@humperbumper.com


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