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Need a cost-efficient, powerful press release that will bring in favorable results? What about a press release that will help boost your market presence, beef up name recall and lead in the deals, clients and nods of approval? How about having a press release done tailor made or customized just for you, for your business, name, advocacy, organization and other interests that can specifically catch the eye of the editors and journalists?

Quality Press Releases provides highly affordable solutions to your targeted press campaigns, publicity needs, press release writing and submission requirements, online marketing, online promotion, offline promotion, offline advertising needs and events management requirements. We help you gain that much-needed maximum exposure for you and/or your business/endeavors.

Promotional, creative, well-crafted content – that’s what we at Quality Press Releases offer. From simple, quick publicity to specialized media relations to corporate campaigns, we leave no leaf unturned, no avenue untapped. We give full attention to detail and we are confident that you will gain nothing but favorable results.

While our usual turnaround for a press release is three (3) days, we can arrange a quick, emergency press release for you. Hence, if you need to send out an immediate reply to address a certain crisis situation or if you want to voice out your opinion on a specific current event, we can make that happen in a snap! We can also tweak/proofread your existing press releases.

Quality Press Releases also welcomes long-term working relationships. We will help you build your brand and we will guide you all the way in order to target the right audience.

Contact us today and get a customized press release for only $50.00!

You may also avail of manual press release submission to a minimum of fifteen (15) PR sites for only $10.00! While the press release distribution service is OPTIONAL, we do highly recommend that you also avail of it. We can also submit your release to more than eighty (80) PR sites for only $50.00.

We can also facilitate press release submission to paid PR sites such as PRWeb. Please contact us today and receive a quote.

At Quality Press Releases, you can expect nothing but top notch quality for a certified fraction of the price of most, if not all, press release providers.


Simple. It is the fact that the writers behind our special press releases are professional, experienced, practising JOURNALISTS, EDITORS, MEDIA PRACTITIONERS, COPYWRITERS AND PUBLICISTS themselves!

That’s right — and this is exactly why we excel in our field because we know what ticks, what deserves attention, what tickles the fancy of the editors and what makes the press release work and bring in the results!

In other words, we at Quality Press Releases know which pitch and/or story angle works and lands you on newspapers, websites, blogs, cable television, free television and radio!

Quality Press Releases only produces professional, well-written, highly optimized, unique press releases in just a few days — 100% guaranteed!

What do you get for every order with Quality Press Releases?

> Professionally preformatted press release – 100% ready, media-friendly and “good to go”/ready for publication
> Excellent English grammar and spelling from professional, practising journalists, publicists, media relations officers, copywriters et al
> Effective pitch that could help “sell” your business, advocacy, name and just about anything you want the world to know!
> Customer support via email and Skype
> Quotable quotes assigned to you or to the person assigned to represent your business, advocacy, organization etc

Feel free to check the excellent testimonials left for us by our previous, recurring and current clients — and we say recurring because most, if not all, of our clients come back for more press releases — and that’s simply because we deliver only the BEST!

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